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During a tumultuous year for politics on both sides of the Atlantic, the surprise vote by the UK to leave the European Union in June is continuing to reverberate around the world. But what impact will it have on business travel in 2017 and beyond? With so much uncertainty, there have been only a few facts to grasp hold of since the referendum: these include the slump in the value of the pound against major currencies, most crucially against both the US dollar and the Euro, since 23rd June; and
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It might unfairly be in the shadow of its more glamorous counterparts on the Cote D'Azur when it comes to attracting tourists, but Lyon is up there with the best as a meeting destination. A few figures give you an idea of Lyon's capability as a MICE venue. The city boasts the second-largest meetings capacity in France and claims the second-highest number of hotel rooms (18,000), two-thirds of them classified three to five star. Lyon is 4 hours 41 minutes from London by direct Eurostar, plus its
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Northern Lights
Winter is here and though heading somewhere colder may not be your first thought, if the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, mid-September to early April is a top time to try and experience them, with the period until mid-March the best.The Aurora Borealis, as it is also known, can be seen on earth when charged particles emitted from the sun (creating the so-called solar wind) hit the earth's atmosphere and excite the oxygen and nitrogen molecules. Whatever the scientific explanation is, it
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Corsica's hotels are generally small, often boutique and sometimes very exclusive and that's the way the island is staying. There aren't many places in the Med that said no to mass tourism, but Corsica has made a virtue of it and let's all be thankful for that. At roughly two and a half times the size of Majorca and mainly mountainous, Corsica is never going to feel overrun with tourists. You're doubtless mostly thinking about the coastal area, which amounts to more than 1,000km. One day you're
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Ask any good conference organiser what they want in a destination and they'll likely reply: easy access, good weather, great facilities and somewhere, in plain language, that just works. Malta ticks all the boxes: English speaking, easy to reach (three hours from most of the UK) and with a great year-round climate (an average low of only 13C in January) plus some top class meeting venues and hotels.Getting to the island presents no difficulties wherever you are. Malta is well served from across
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Vegas. It's all about gambling, drive-thru weddings and feathered showgirls, right? Well, yes and no. Whether you're extending a conference stay or taking advantage of the newly increased flights from Gatwick to Manchester, you'll find the city has plenty to offer beyond its clichés. Here are a few misconceptions challenged: "You have to stay in a casino hotel" True, many hotels will have you enter between rows of slot machines in the hope you'll part with some cash before you even find yo
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Think reliable winter sun, whale watching and a large glitzy festival and you'd probably believe you'd have to go to the Caribbean. Yet only four hours away Tenerife has a year-round average temperature of 23°C, dolphin and whale-watching tours in all seasons ad its carnival in February/March is one of the best in the world. With security concerns causing tourists to avoid the winter sun hotspots of Tunisia and Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh this year, Tenerife is back on trend, and if you haven't bee
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