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Portman Travel and Clarity Travel Management To Merge
Two of the UK's leading travel management companies have announced today that they are to merge, creating the seventh biggest TMC in the country.

Portman Travel and Clarity Travel Management are to become one business following the acquisition of Portman Travel by the owners of Clarity Travel Management, Mawasem Travel & Tourism, for an undisclosed fee.

Pat McDonagh, chief executive of Clarity, will lead the merger of the two businesses. He says:  "Portman Travel and Clarity are similar sized organisations, with combined gross annual sales of over £400m and proven track records - together we have an opportunity to create something that is truly market leading.

"The merger brings together the best talent and experience from both businesses to create a new travel management company with increased buying power, international reach and expertise through a significant shareholding in Radius Travel, a broader base, market leading technology and best in class service.

"Existing customers of both businesses will experience no change to their service levels or their key contacts as we fully detail both businesses' operations.

"My first task is to create a new leadership team, made up of people from within both businesses, who will manage the merger. This is an exciting opportunity for both businesses to create something special, and we will move quickly to realise it."