Why choose us

We have the people, the technology and the flexibility
to tailor the right travel solutions for you


Real value comes from real expertise. Industry knowledge and practical advice are inextricably linked at Clarity to ensure we maximise the return on your travel investment.
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For every pound we earn in fees, we generate £5 of savings for our clients. Our unique technology enables us to guarantee maximum savings on every transaction in any given itinerary, including ancillary products and services. For flights, we make routine savings of 40% in economy and 25% in business class, with an average of 12% savings on hotels and up to 30% on rail.
Management Information
Analyse results, manage performance and measure value with our business Intelligence product Go2Insight. Designed to provide you with global intelligence, real time travel data, multiple reporting options and user friendly dashboards.
Our award winning booking platform Go2Book enables you to access global fares and rates unavailable elsewhere, and configure your policy requirements to each of your traveller's needs.

The result for you is additional savings, a focus on quality service, ease of booking and fast, accurate turnaround on quotes and itineraries - unrivalled total trip management every time.
Payment and billing
We are experienced in tailoring flexible solutions that will reduce your administration time and any other billing concerns. We can guarantee efficiencies and savings, with all processes streamlined to suit your existing back office systems. Our services include:   

  • Consolidated billing
  • Credit Accounts
  • A range of payment card options
  • Bill back options
  • Direct debit payments